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Model 1195 TDM and Ethernet Extender


  • Wire Speed Extension of E1 and Ethernet up to 80 km—Multiplex 4 or 8 E1s and a single 10/100 Ethernet at wire speed up to 80 km over single mode fiber (SMF) link.
  • 1+1 Fiber Path Protection—Protect the backhaul and extension of even the most mission critical applications with a built-in 1+1 Fiber Path protection switched line.
  • Robust Diagnostics—Both local and remote loopback is supported on all the E1 ports. Visible and audible alarm indicators show when a port is down.
  • Carrier Grade Installation—The Model 1195 is a low power consuming device (less than 18 Watts) designed for a 1U high telco rack. With Engineering Order Wire (EOW) included, the installation time of a unit is greatly reduced.
  • Integrated Management—The NeLink™ Mux includes an RS-232 DB-9 port with a complete command line interface (CLI). Management can also be effected via a Telnet session or any SNMP application.


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